Gift for a Woman Pregnant With Her 4th Child

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A mother pregnant with her fourth child likely has plenty of hand-me-downs; she’s well-stocked with baby furniture, clothing, travel gear and other baby essentials. However, she is likely running low on time while financial stresses may be soaring high. Look for items and services that will help to provide her more time with her new baby and other children, as well as simple stress relievers to lighten her load and ease her financial burden.

Send in the Help

You can purchase a month of housecleaning services -- or even a single visit from a housekeeper -- to lighten her load immediately after the baby is born. Hire a cook to prepare a meal in her home or prepare meals ahead of time yourself that she can heat and serve with little fuss or mess. Other services that can help to increase time and ease stress include laundry services, yard maintenance and grocery delivery services. A gift certificate to a local takeout restaurant can also give her a break from cooking.

Stock Up

While a pregnant mom of three children might have a solid supply of baby sleepers and blankets, she'll need supplies that a baby will use on a regular basis, such as disposable diapers, diaper wipes, baby body wash and diaper creams, and baby formula if you know she will be bottle-feeding. If she has already stocked up, opt for a gift card, so that she can replenish the supplies later.