Gift Etiquette for Receiving Cash at a Wedding

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Cash is a useful wedding gift, but receiving it gracefully can be tricky, especially if Aunt Edna shoves a wad of cash at you just as you are about to cut the cake or pose for some wedding pictures. Prepare ahead of time for possible gifts of cash to avoid any awkward situations.

Cash in Cards

Ideally, your guests will place the cash in cards, and then place the cards on the gift table. When you open the cards later, write down the name and amount that the person gave you, if you wish. Although it is not really polite to mention the amount, you can mention how you will spend the money when you write the thank-you note, such as saying that the giver's generous gift will help pay for new bedding or even the honeymoon. Write the thank-you notes within three months of the date of the wedding, if possible.

Cash in Hand

If someone gives you cash after the wedding or at the reception, thank the person politely and then enlist your maid-of-honor or close friend to slip the cash into a card set aside for the purpose. The friend should record the name of the person who gave you the cash and the amount given.

Cash Tips

If you're thinking that a good way to receive money at your wedding is through the use of a money tree, think again. It's not really polite to have a money tree at your wedding. It may offend people who choose to bring a gift, and make those who did not bring cash uncomfortable. In fact, it's just not polite to ask your wedding guests for money at all, according to Miss Manners in the "Washington Post." In some instances, however, you can register for cash -- some companies are including that option on their gift registries.