How to Get Cremation Ashes Made Into Diamonds

Baseball fans may want their ashes scattered in their favorite ball park. Hiking enthusiasts often choose to have their ashes scattered on their favorite trail. There are countless ways to memorialize a loved one, but probably none as unusual as turning their cremation ashes into a diamond. You can transform cremation ashes into a wearable treasure by following these steps. Or, more likely, by asking a specialist company to do it for you.

Place several ounces of ash in a crucible that can withstand massive heat.

Bring the temperature to just over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and allow all of the elements except the carbon to oxidize.

Continue to heat until the carbon has turned to graphite. The entire heating process will take a few weeks.

Place the graphite in a core with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal.

Place the core in a diamond press.

Bring the temperature to about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and the pressure to about 800,000 pounds per square inch. Allow several weeks for the graphite to turn into a rough crystal.

Remove the crystal and use faceting tools to cut it to your specifications.