How to Get Along With Other Women

Some women find it harder to get along with other women than it is to get along with men. That may be because women can be catty. They may be jealous of each other or read too much into what is said. They over-analyze things and may be insecure with themselves and their own successes. By treating others in a kinder way, you'll open the door to female friendship.

Be a nice person. It sounds trite, but it really does boil down to that. A nice person doesn't back stab or secretly think mean thoughts about someone else.

Keep the judgements to yourself. When asked why they have more male friends than female, women answered that they find each other to be very judgemental.

Consider yourselves in the same boat instead of competing with each other. Create a feeling of solidarity with other women by using the phrases "we" and "us" at work. This will help form a bond between you and female co-workers.

Look for female friends who share some of your interests. No one can blame you for not wanting to make small talk about a hobby you have no desire to participate in. If you join group that interests you, though, you're more likely to find women that interest you as friends.

Ask other women for their opinion. Whether it's about a work project, committee idea or your scarf, if you show a woman that you value her opinion, she'll appreciate it. Mutual respect will be born.

Find things you have in common and talk about them. Women love to gab. Talk about what your kids are doing in school, what's happening with you husband or how your mother-in-law is driving you crazy. Having a good venting session bonds most women.