Fun Things to Talk About With Friends

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Friendships allow people to connect with others and form meaningful relationships that often last decades. People nurture friendships by communicating with each other and keeping each other up to date on all of life's happenings. Friendships often end or fade away over time, as old friends lose touch with each other, or life becomes too hectic to find time to communicate regularly. The strongest friendships usually withstand this issue, but communicate regularly with your friends to ensure that you do not lose your connection.

Funny Anecdotes

Anecdotes, especially funny ones, are typically light-hearted things to talk about with friends. Maybe something odd happened on your way to work, or a co-worker told a funny joke or did something else amusing that is worth sharing with your friends. Maybe your toddler accidentally spoke a sentence that made you laugh, or you had a communication issue while traveling that left you in a funny situation. Whatever the anecdote or story is, share it with your friends, as long as it is not too personal. If you found it funny, chances are that your friends will, too.

Pop Culture

Pop culture is usually fun to discuss with friends. Topics include over-the-top acts of celebrities, cool TV shows you enjoy, music and concerts, movies, books, fashion or anything else relating to pop culture. Avoid political or social debates, though; while those conversations certainly have value, they are not always fun. You can learn about and turn your friends onto new bands or other things to try in your spare time. You can also catch up on the latest celebrity gossip or laugh about crazy outfits you saw on the last red carpet show. Pop culture is something everyone can relate to, since it is in the public eye, and different experiences or opinions about pop culture often lead to fun conversations among friends.

Stressful Situations

While stressful situations in your life do not seem like something fun to talk about, discussing with friends and getting your thoughts off your chest can actually be fun, relieving and even funny. Use discrepancy when talking about your romantic relationship, as sharing details may upset your partner, but stressful situations at work or home are sometimes pretty funny when you explain them out of context to friends, and thus, help you feel better about whatever the situation is. Even conversations at a friend's funeral can be fun, especially when a group of friends reminisce about funny stories shared with the person who passed away. When you find yourself in a stressful situation, discussing it with friends is often healthy and can help turn what seems to be an incredibly frustrating aspect of your life into something much more light-hearted.