How to Find Senior Citizen Ride Programs

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Senior citizen ride programs are popping up all over the country offering seniors the freedom they desire to shop, run errands and get out to see friends. Almost every community has a senior citizen ride program, so use these steps to learn about the senior citizen ride program in your area.

Contact your city department for information on a senior ride program the city may have in place. If this is so, you can secure information about the ride schedule, fees and stops around town.

Call the local senior center or residential building in your city or area. They may or may not have a separate program to offer senior citizens rides, but they may have information about the program that is in your area.

Check the community pages of the local paper. If you live in a small town where the newspaper is the hub of information, it is likely that there is something about the senior citizen ride program in the paper with contact information for more information.

Think of the other local senior programs or community sharing programs. These are often county or state funded programs, but offer local services. If they do not have a senior ride program, they may be able to direct you to an organization that does.

Look for independent ride programs offered by volunteers in your area. Again, checking with your senior center or Chamber of Commerce is a good place to start.

Start your own senior citizen ride program. If there isn't a good program in your town, go to the city council to see if you could apply for city money or a grant to start one in your area.

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  • Many of these programs allow you to add stops to make your travel easier. This could include a stop in front of your home or at your favorite market or family members house.

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