Exfoliating The Scalp


0:05 hi I'm mark and this is how to exfoliate

0:09 your scalp you know you really want to

0:12 exfoliate every so often because you

0:14 have a lot of oils and build-up that

0:16 happens you know due to the environment

0:18 and all that dirt and the oils you know

0:21 kind of pulled together and just end up

0:23 making a really goo kind of crust so

0:26 your hair doesn't grow as well or it may

0:28 prohibit your hair from going as well

0:30 because it can't get its nutrients or

0:32 properly cleansed so what I like to do

0:35 is to use a soft toothbrush section

0:39 through the hair about a quarter to an

0:41 eighth of an inch of sections and just

0:43 lightly use that toothbrush in a

0:45 circular motion and just kind of really

0:48 agitate a little bit just get that blood

0:50 moving get that exfoliation going and

0:52 the dead skin cells of this of the scalp