Examples of Newspaper Wedding Announcements

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In the weeks after your wedding, submit a wedding announcement to your local newspaper to spread your happy news with those who didn't attend. Newspapers that have an online presence also can run your announcement on the Internet. While each publication has its own submission criteria guidelines, the announcement allows for the basic details of your wedding and the names of those involved.

Provide the Basics

To begin the announcement, list the bride's full name, the groom's full name, and the date and location of the wedding. For example, "Sarah Lindsay Graham and Adam Bradley Williams joined together in marriage on June 18, 2014, in front of family and friends at the Oak Creek Country Club." List the names of the closest family members, including the mother and father of the bride and groom, brothers, sisters and grandparents. Other options to add include the names of those in the bridal party, the schools from which the bride and groom graduated, their honeymoon location and the wedding officiant's name. The cost of placing the announcement depends in part on the newspaper's policy, the length of the announcement and whether you want the announcement to run on the publication's website. Some newspapers charge an additional fee to run a wedding photo, while others include one photo in the base price.