Do-It-Yourself Ring Bearer Pillow With Satin Ribbon

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Take the DIY approach and save money by making your own ring bearer pillow for your wedding, or make one for a friend as a bridal shower gift. Wedding ring pillows often feature a ribbon in the middle of the top, which is used to keep the rings secure and prevent them from falling and getting lost as the ring bearer carries them down the aisle. Follow a basic sewing procedure to make the pillow and attach a soft satin ribbon.

Fold a piece of white satin, soft cotton or crushed velvet in half and pin the two halves together in the middle to make sure they stay together as your work. Make sure the sides of the fabric you want facing out on the pillow are facing each other.

Measure and mark a 6 1/4-inch square with a tape measure and a pen on top of the fabric. Cut out the square; make sure you cut through both halves of the folded fabric to give you two identical squares.

Pin the edges of the two squares together, about 1/2 inch from the edges to keep the edges aligned as you work. Thread a needle with white thread and begin sewing a straight stitch 1/4 inch away from the edges of the fabric. Begin the line of stitches by running the needle back and forth in one spot about seven times.

Sew around the edges until you have an opening between the edges of the two sides that is 3 inches wide. Finish the line of stitches by going back and forth in the same spot seven times. Trim the excess thread and turn the pillow right-side-out, so the sides of the fabric you want facing out on the pillow are now facing out.

Stuff the inside of the pillow with polyester craft stuffing, through the 3-inch-long opening you left in the edges of the fabric. Fill the pillow and gently press the sides together in the middle to make sure it is stuffed evenly. The pillow should be between 1 and 2 inches thick.

Fold the edges of the opening inward 1/4 inch to line them up with the finished edges of the pillow. Pin them together and run a straight stitch along where the edges are folded. Start and finish the stitches by going back and forth, and make these stitches no longer than 1/16 inch long to make sure they aren't visible. Trim the excess thread.

Measure and cut a 1/4-inch-wide white satin ribbon to 7 inches long, and fold the ribbon in half to find the center. Unfold the ribbon and pin the center of the ribbon to the center of the top of the pillow.

Run a stitch up and down through the middle of the ribbon and the top panel of the pillow, going left to right about seven times, and then up and down seven times to cross the stitches for extra security. Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying.