DIY Wedding Canopy With PVC Pipe

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Building a custom canopy for your wedding not only saves money but also ensures you get exactly what you are looking for in a canopy. Using PVC pipe helps keep costs low while allowing you total color freedom. With just a little effort you can make the right canopy for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Procure four PVC pipes cut to a length you are happy with, as you will want the canopy to be taller than the couple being married, but not too tall. Usually 7- to 8-foot lengths work well.

Leave the pipe white or make the color match one of the colors of your wedding. Paint the pipes by placing the pipes on a large drop cloth and spraying the entire pipe. Let the pipes totally dry before you roll them slightly so you can paint the part that had been resting on the cloth.

Fill all four pots with sand approximately an inch from the top of the pot. This will weight the pot and hold the PVC pipe vertical.

Press the pipe into the middle of each pot. Pat the sand down around the pipe until it feels solid. Add more if you feel the PVC is not sturdy. Do this with all four pots.

Decorate the top of the pot with moss or other decoration to cover the sand. You can use material that matches the color of the wedding or tie a bow if you wish. You can also wrap twinkle lights or tulle up the length of the pipe, circling the pipe like a candy cane.

Spread the material for the top of the canopy between the four PVC tops. When you are sure the material is centered, cut a small slit in the material with scissors where the material meets the PVC pipe at the top. Do this for all four pipes, as you will slip the doorknob through the slit into the PVC pipe to secure the material in place. You can also adjust the size of the material if you feel it is too big for the canopy you have designed.

Press the doorknob through the slit in the material and into the hollow portion of the PVC pipe. This secures the material. Do this in all four corners. You can pick any type of fancy bulb with a straight stick that fits inside the PVC pipe.

Decorate the material and the pipes with additional flowers, bows and lights as necessary.