How to Deal With Nosey Neighbors That Spy on You

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Neighbors that seem to watch your every move makes for an uncomfortable living situation. You don't want someone outside your home watching what you and your kids are doing, even if it's as innocent as playing a board game or making dinner together. Spying on you might not be breaking specific laws, but it can interfere with your daily life. Taking action to stop your neighbors from peeping and watching what you're up to can improve your quality of life and make you more comfortable and relaxed when you're at home.

Step 1

Confront your neighbors. Perhaps they don't realize they're making you uncomfortable, or they feel that they're doing you a service by keeping an eye on things around your home. Let your neighbors know that their actions are disconcerting, which may be all it takes to get them to stop.

Step 2

Spend most of your time where you can't be seen. Maybe you and your kids can play in the basement or your back porch without worry that your nosy neighbors are eyeballing you. Don't stand in front of your open windows or on the front steps if you're having a personal phone conversation. Instead take it to a hallway or the other end of the house, where you can't be seen or heard.

Step 3

Install privacy barriers around your house. Put in a tall fence, cover your windows with privacy film and plant large bushes or trees in front of your windows. This provides you with privacy when you're in your house or yard and keeps a nosy neighbor from looking in.

Step 4

Lock your garage, mailbox and gates leading into the back yard. This can keep nosy neighbors from looking into your private spaces and protect you from mail fraud or theft.

Step 5

Call the authorities. If you feel threatened or are concerned for the safety of your family, call the police and report the issue. You might find out that your spying neighbors aren't breaking any laws, but an officer can give you more information about when you can press charges and ways to stay safe in your home and yard.

Step 6

Install an alarm system. This can make you feel better about neighbors who spy on you and your family. You'll have peace of mind knowing that the alarm will alert the authorities if your spying neighbors take it too far and try to come into your home. Set the alarm when you're not home and when you're in the house and keep the door locked too.