How to Deal With Ex-Boyfriends

Dealing with ex-boyfriends can be awkward at best. You have to deal with feelings you still have for them. You may also have to deal with feelings of anger. The easiest way to deal with an ex is to eliminate them completely from your life. Still there are often situations when you still have to deal with ex-boyfriends. Here are some tips you can use.

Remember, he is your ex for a good reason. Chances are that you and your ex broke up for a good reason. While there are circumstances where reconciliation can make sense, if your relationship was turbulent, abusive or incompatible, it is best to reconcile with yourself that this person will say an “ex”.

Separate your emotions from your reactions to your ex. Remember your relationships is over, so you should not respond to each other as if you were in a relationship. Let go of any lingering feelings you may have from the relationship. You should feel neither intense love or hate for this person. Get counseling if you need it.

Move on with your own life. Now that your relationship is over, it is time for you to explore your options and to let them do the same. Do not allow your ex to question your personal life choices and stay out of his business as well.

Do not cross the line back into relationship behavior. Do not try to flirt with them, and don’t let them try to charm you. Treat them no differently, than you would treat any friend or co-worker.

Once you are over the feelings from the relationship, try becoming friends. Once you have dealt with your emotions over your ex, and are living an individual life again without complications of a relationship, you may want to consider being friends with this person again. Try to think of them as someone you have just met and have no history with. If you have to see them regularly, it is the healthiest thing you can do.