Creative Way to Decorate a Nightstand for the Guest Room

Ashely Mayes

Nothing says "We're glad to have you staying with us" better than a thoughtful, personalized nightstand in the guest room. With a little thought and planning (plus a few dollars), you can create a welcoming space that says, "Get cozy, relax and enjoy!"

No matter who your guests are, there are a few items that are great, essential pieces to have on hand.

Let There Be Light

A lamp is a great piece to start with when you are trying to figure out what to place on a nightstand. It provides light if they need to get up in the middle of the night or if they just need something to read by.

What About WIFI?

Most people would love to be able to connect to WIFI. To be a gracious host, place your WIFI password in plain site. You can do this by writing it on a piece of paper and slipping it in a cute picture frame.

Ashley Mayes

Flowers Add Fragrance

Fresh flowers go a long way in saying "welcome." Make it a priority to grab a small bunch of flowers each time you have guests. You can keep the same vase or flower vessel on the nightstand. Just change out the flowers each time you are hosting.

If you don't have fresh flowers on hand, a small potted plant or air plant is perfect as well.

Ashley Mayes

Late Night Snack Attacks Will Happen

Do you ever get the late-night munchies? I'm sure not many guests would feel comfortable raiding your pantry in the middle of the night. Make it easy for them to enjoy a snack by placing a homemade granola bar or nut package on top of the nightstand in a cute container. Or simply set out a few candies for a quick treat.

Ashley Mayes

Add Some Art

Art can be a perfect way to get the "layered" look on a nightstand. Grab a piece of art (usually around 11 x 14 inches) and place it on the back of the nightstand. Place it about 3 inches in from the back of the nightstand and let it lean against the wall. To secure the leaning art, you will need to add something in front of it. Grab one or all of your "essentials" and start playing with the styling.

Ashley Mayes

Book It

To get different heights with the pieces on your nightstand, stack the back item on one or two books. Think about your book choice if you can. Is it a book that someone could read in a couple of nights? Would your guest be interested in looking through it? (If not, magazines are always a good choice!)

By taking some time to personalize the nightstand in your guest room, your visiting family and friends are sure to feel happy and content in their room away from home.