How to Create Funeral Announcements

A funeral announcement is a summary detailing the service times and location of a funeral and/or a memorial service. It also often includes details of the life of a loved one. These usually are written during a time of grief, which makes it difficult to focus on details and tasks. A funeral home may be able to provide you with a standard announcement, or you may prefer to write your own. Often, obituaries and funeral announcements are combined into one document for publication in a newspaper.

Step 1

Write down the name of the deceased along with the place and date of death. Listing the cause of death is optional.

Step 2

Include the age of the deceased or date of birth, where she was born and how long she lived in the area at the time of death.

Step 3

Mention in the article if the deceased was married, her father and mother, and occupation. Add details of the deceased’s hobbies, community service and/or life accomplishments.

Step 4

List the names of the surviving relatives and relationships. Include spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings and parents.

Step 5

Give the details of the funeral or memorial service, including the time, location and whether there is an open invitation for a reception. Some families prefer only relatives attend the reception; if so, leave this information out of the announcement.