Church Youth Ministry Ideas

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Working in church youth ministry can be a rewarding experience. Children and teenagers involved with their church often build friendships and find support through youth ministry. When developing ideas for your church youth group, focus on a combination of bible study, service, and fun social activities.

Bible Study

A core part of any youth ministry group is bible study. Presenting religious lessons in a way that is interesting and appealing to youth is a main focus for church youth leaders. When choosing a topic for a bible study session think of ways to apply the lesson to situations the children are currently dealing with -- parents, friends, peer pressure, and depending on the age of the group relationships or substance abuse may also be appropriate. Utilize bible passages and lessons as well as crafts or creative activities to support the conversation.


Day or overnight retreats can provide an opportunity for strengthening a youth ministry group. Retreats can provide opportunities for bible study, service, and social interaction. There are many retreat centers across the country that host groups and can tailor activities for service or team-building. Some ideas for retreats would including skiing, visiting the beach or a tourist attraction, or camping. Have the members of the group work together to complete tasks like cooking and cleaning to foster a strong group dynamic.

Community Service

There are many ways that youth ministry groups can provide service to the community. One way is through projects supporting the church such as simple gardening, cleaning or painting. Another option is activities geared towards supporting the church congregation, including projects to recognize birthday celebrations or assisting elderly members with household tasks. Another type of service project that is appropriate for youth ministry groups is supporting community organizations like the food bank, soup kitchen, or parks and recreation department.


Many youth ministry groups host fundraising activities to support the church or charitable causes. Often the fundraising activities involve the families and older members of the church. Some ideas include bake sales, church dinners or selling homemade crafts. Creative groups may organize a play or pageant, or a more involved event like a carnival. Another option for fundraising is to utilize a company that provides order forms for selling products or food items such as candy.