Cheapest Way to Send Flowers Online Images

Flowers are a lovely, sentimental gift. Sentiment, in fact, is exactly how florists make money, banking on your desire to make someone happy from far away by dressing up a fistful of flora with ribbons and stuffed bears. Yet with enough research and planning, you can still send a lovely bunch of blooms to that special someone without spending a crazy amount of money. The cheapest way to send flowers online is to buy wholesale flowers directly from a grower.

Cut Out the Middle Man

The fiscal advantage of buying from growers is simple: because your order is placed at the farm level, at no time are your flowers warehoused or brokered. Without the processing and retail markup, the savings go directly to you, the buyer. A simple search will yield hundreds of grower sites from which to choose. You can search for a specific type of flower and find a grower that way. Many growers even offer free shipping for large orders. Keep in mind that the simpler your order, the better the price: an order of one type of flower is easier to process and ship than an order for a mix of different types, and thus cheaper. What you don’t get in variety you can make up in bulk: sells 25 Dram Echter sweetheart roses for only $10. That’s 40 cents a stem!

Every Rose Has a Thorn

Buying directly from a grower used to be a bargain hunter’s secret. Many of the growers, however, have taken advantage of the Internet and are learning to play the florist game with higher prices and fancy shipping and arrangement options. To find the best grower price, give yourself time to do a proper search, and always look for a quality guarantee. Also, do consider the presentation. Traditional florists arrange and deliver flowers with vases and ribbons and various other accoutrement. A grower’s flowers are likely to be boxed and the recipient will have to arrange them when they arrive. Finally, flowers delivered from a grower are likely to have unopened blooms, whereas a florist will deliver a mix of opened and unopened blooms. Ultimately, though, flowers from a grower are the better bargain as they are fresher and last longer.