Can You Perm Hair After You Color It?


Coloring hair and perming hair both damage the hair to some degree. They both cause drying and sometimes splitting of the hair. So, you have to be very careful to maintain the health of your hair when you are processing it. If you keep your hair healthy and well moisturized, you can have beautiful colored hair with a perm.

Start with Good Hair Habits

Before you color or perm your hair, get it in good shape. Cut off any damaged hair and moisturize it. Your hairstylist can help you determine whether your hair is damaged. Examine the ends carefully for split ends. These indicate dry, damaged hair.

Read your shampoos and conditioner bottles. Make sure they are designed for your hair type. If your hair is very dry, get a deep conditioner and apply it at least once a week. Don't brush wet hair, comb it instead. Using a brush on wet hair can cause breakage.

Coloring Your Hair


Once your hair is healthy, you can color it. If you want to go lighter, you will need to bleach it and then color it. This should only be done on very healthy hair. Going darker does not require bleaching first, so it is gentler on hair. Read the instructions carefully and follow them. Be especially careful about the timing and the follow-up conditioning.


You need to wait at least one week after coloring your hair to perm it. Your hair needs a rest after the color before you use more chemicals on it. During this time, continue to use good hair care products that are designed for your hair type. You can change to a color protection shampoo if you want. Some colors, like reds, are harder to keep vibrant and color protection shampoo can help.

Perming Your Hair


You are ready to perm you hair. Perming chemicals are harsh. Leave the perming solution on for only as long as the directions indicate. Don't wash or wet your hair for 48 hours after your perm while the perm "sets." After that, continue to treat your hair with the best products to maintain healthy looking hair. Remember, your perm will last until it is cut out of your hair, but your color will have to be re-done about every five to six weeks.