Can Very Short Hair Be Relaxed?

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Black women with very short hair have the option of wearing natural hair or relaxing it. Doline Franklin, who has been caring for African-American hair for 30 years, says danger only occurs when the hair and scalp are not properly treated.

Cut Off or Protect Unrelaxed Hair

"Relaxing hair can be easier when it's short," says Franklin, owner of Designer's Touch salon. Cut off the previously treated hair prior to applying relaxer if you want to wear your hair very short. Otherwise, plan to apply the relaxer to unrelaxed hair only.

Safeguard Skin

Apply scalp oil to any skin that the relaxer may touch, such as that on the ears, neck, scalp and hairline.


Use a relaxer that is designed to be applied to that particular hair texture. Follow instructions for mixing chemicals and leave the product on for the time suggested. To achieve a straighter look, smooth the hair while the product is on the hair.

Washing and Conditioning

Wash hair using a neutralizing shampoo to help restore its natural pH level. In addition, treat hair with reconstructing conditioner twice a week since relaxers can weaken it.


After relaxing the hair, style it according to your preference, such as adding height to the top, making it wispy, spiking it all over or gelling it flat.

Care for Hair Based on Its Unique Needs

Moisturize hair daily. "Some people need to condition their hair more, and others need to wrap it up at night," Franklin says.