What Can I Use Instead of Cream of Chicken in a Casserole?

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When your casserole recipe calls for a can of cream of chicken soup, you are not limited to that choice. If your cupboards contain every other flavor of condensed soup but chicken, your substitution may be simple. If you want to adjust your recipe to create a healthier alternative or accommodate someone with dairy allergies in the family, a little extra planning and preparation can create a tasty alternative.

Different Flavors in a Can

If your pantry is stocked with cream of mushroom or celery soup instead of cream of chicken, have no fear. An equal substitution of these soups maintains the texture of your casserole, but can contribute to a slightly different flavor. To maintain a chicken flavor, chicken bouillon may be added to the creamed soup.

Homemade Cream of Chicken

As an alternative to canned cream of chicken soup, you can make your own homemade version, eliminating preservatives and artificial flavors. Start with a roux of butter and flour. Slowly add in chicken stock and milk, as well as spices to taste. Simmer and stir until the mixture thickens. Use this homemade cream of chicken in place of your canned ingredient.

Cutting Out the Dairy

If you desire a dairy-free option, create a homemade condensed soup by substituting a dairy-free butter for the roux. In the place of regular milk, substitute almond or soy milk and simmer until thickened.