Can You Deep Fry Shelled Peanuts?


Eating peanut shells may initially seem like an off-putting idea, but once deep-fried the shells become edible. Deep-fried shelled peanuts are a beloved Southern snack, often coated with seasonings and served alongside a cold beverage. Look for freshly harvested green peanuts and try your hand at making these deep-fried nibbles.

Heat equal parts lard and peanut oil in a pot to 350F.

Add shelled peanuts to the hot oil by carefully lowering with a slotted metal spoon. Fry the peanuts until crispy, approximately 5 minutes, stirring frequently to cook evenly.

Remove the peanuts from the hot oil and drain on paper towels. If desired, season the peanuts by tossing them with a few pinches of salt and pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and cumin. Add brown sugar for a sweet twist or spice it up with cayenne pepper. Serve warm and enjoy.