How to Build a Virtual City

Want to build a city and have control of it at your fingertips? Building a virtual city on your computer can be a fun online game. Making a virtual city is fairly easy and once you find a game that you like, your city will be up and running in no time.

How to Build a Virtual City

You can go online to find a virtual city creator program. There are many that are free and there are also some programs that you can purchase as well. City Creator is a free virtual city creator that you can use. A popular fee-based software that can be installed onto your computer is Sims City.

To use the free City Creator program go to the website and follow the instructions. Most online programs like this one have easy to follow directions.

You will usually be asked to pick a particular city setting, like rural, suburban or royalty.

You can then add buildings and people to the city's setting.

If you don't like your current program, conduct an Internet search for virtual city software to try out other software until you find the one that best suits your desires.