How to Break Off a Casual Relationship

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Casual relationships can sometimes turn into serious and committed relationships, but at other times may take the backseat to other events or people in your life. Breaking off a casual relationship does not have to long-winded, nor does it have to reinvent the wheel. To end a casual relationship as smoothly and comfortably as possible, approach the situation with honesty and avoid playing games or sending mixed signals.

Step 1

Decide where you want to break up. Meeting in private may give you the comfort of having this difficult discussion behind closed doors, whereas breaking up over coffee may give you the opportunity to leave the situation in the event that the breakup becomes aggressive or violent.

Step 2

Maintain a clear objective of what you wish to accomplish when breaking off a casual relationship. A statement such as, "Hi Dakota, I've been thinking this over and I don't think that things are working out between us. I'm sorry if this has come as a shock, but it would be best for both of us to move on," clearly identifies your objectives to end the relationship.

Step 3

Use clear and direct language to identify that you are ending the relationship. Avoid statements such as, "Maybe we can still hangout" or "The timing just isn't right for me, but in the future maybe we can reconnect," since these types of statements send the message that you may still be interested in pursuing the relationship.

Step 4

Be polite, understanding and considerate of your ex's feelings. Even though you want to end your casual relationship, your ex may still hold your relationship in high-regard and may be surprised by your decision to terminate the relationship. While being polite may not soften the blow of being broken up with, maintaining a calm and considerate demeanor may prevent the breakup from turning hostile.