How to Break in New Canvas Shoes

by Candice Mancini
Canvas shoes are cozy, but getting the right fit can be tricky.

Canvas shoes are cozy, but getting the right fit can be tricky.

Once canvas shoes wear in, they tend to over-stretch, leaving them too large for your feet. This can make them uncomfortable and cause health problems for your feet. For a perfect-fitting pair of canvas shoes, buy them a half-size too small and then use the microwave to prepare them for stretching. In the end, your canvas shoes should be a perfect fit.

Purchase canvas shoes one-half size smaller than you normally wear. If you begin with canvas shoes in your normal size, once they stretch, they will be too big for your feet. In addition to being uncomfortable, shoes that flip off your feet cause foot problems, similar to the way flip-flops do. When your toes must grab onto your shoe to make it stay on, it over-strains the nerves in your feet, which is not healthy, warned Bob Thompson, executive director for the Institute of Preventive Foot Health, as told to CNN.

Place your new canvas shoes in the microwave oven for 30 seconds. If your shoes have metal on them, check your microwave's owner manual to see if it's safe to use metal in there and, if so, for how long.

Use potholders to remove your shoes, since they will be hot. Drop them to the floor and allow to cool for several seconds before sliding them onto your feet. They should feel warm to hot. Do not cool them too much or they will not stretch.

To stretch your new shoes, walk and run around in them. Stand on your toes, curl your toes upward and squat. The more you stretch them while they are warm, the better results you will have.

If your shoes are still tight, put on a pair of thick socks or two and squeeze your feet into the shoes. Set a hairdryer on hot and blast any tight areas for several moments while you stretch and flex your feet. While the shoes are still warm, walk around in them and flex your feet until they are comfortable.

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