How to Get Your Boyfriend to Tell You He's Cheated

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If suspect your boyfriend of cheating, you likely feel shocked, betrayed and angry. You might even wonder what you did to make him cheat on you. The best thing you can do in this situation is to confront your boyfriend about the matter. Even though it's difficult, confronting him will take away some of your stress and help you find out the truth. Before you talk to him, prepare yourself for anything he might say.

Step 1

Determine if you have viable evidence to accuse him of cheating. Accusing someone of being unfaithful is serious, and you should only do if you are certain. For example, if he occasionally goes out with his friends to bars, that doesn't mean he's cheating. If a friend you trust told you that she saw him kissing another woman in public, it's time to be concerned.

Step 2

Remain calm. While it is easy to become angry when you suspect your boyfriend of cheating, yelling or screaming at him won't make the situation better. Before you speak to him, take a couple of deep breathes to calm your nerves.

Step 3

Ask him to meet you in a quiet place, such as your house. If you are around other people you know, it will make the situation even more uncomfortable.

Step 4

Tell him that you suspect him of cheating. Let him know the reason behind your suspicion, such as how your friend saw him on a date with another woman. Do not ramble on about how upset the situation has made you; just stick to the facts.

Step 5

Listen to his side of the story without interrupting. Because he listened to you, it is only fair to allow him to explain. You may find out that he has a reasonable explanation for his actions, or you may learn that he really did cheat.

Step 6

Decide what you want to do next. Whether he admitted to cheating or denied everything, you must figure out if you want to stay in the relationship or go separate ways.