How to Know if My Boyfriend and I Are Compatible Through Our Birthdays

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If you have just started dating someone, it’s fun to figure out how compatible you are by comparing your sun signs. However, sun sign astrology is fairly limited because it ignores the rest of the astrological chart. In reality, there are many indicators of your individual personalities and relationship compatibility that go beyond the sun to your natal moons, Venus, Mars and more. This type of astrology is called synastry. You can find out about your compatibility by making an appointment with an astrologer for a synastry reading or creating and reading your own charts.

Create a Natal Chart

Creating a chart used to be a specialized skill that required advanced knowledge of astrology, but now computer programs can do it for you. The most well-known, accurate method of creating a chart is through Astrodienst. All you need to know is the exact date and time of your birth and that of your boyfriend. It’s possible to create a natal chart without knowing your birth time, but a synastry chart will work better with exact information.

Read the Natal Chart

It’s easier to understand synastry if you know how to read natal charts -- the charts that show where the planets were at the time of your birth. Take some time to research the positions and aspects of natal planets. You and your boyfriend can find out a lot about yourselves this way. There are many insightful books on the topic. Find out how your ascendant or rising sign represents the way you present yourself to the world and how your moon sign represents your emotions and what makes you happy. Explore how the houses of your chart showcase how you use the energy of each zodiac sign. Discover how the relationships of planets in your natal chart create certain energies in your personality.

Explore Synastry Charts

Once you have explored your natal charts, you can create a synastry chart. Astrodienst offers this option in the extended chart selection, where you can create a specialized chart that shows the overlapping natal charts of you and your boyfriend. Do you have planets at the same degree as your partner’s planets? This aspect, known as a conjunction, is very powerful. Perhaps one of you has planets in the other person’s fifth house of love, seventh house of relationships or eighth house of intimacy. Exploring synastry charts can tell you a lot about how you work with each other and potential problems to look out for in this relationship.

Venus and Mars Compatibility

If you’re not ready to dive into doing your own astrology readings, Café Astrology offers a wealth of information, including interpretations of the aspects in your charts and a handy Venus-Mars compatibility chart that will tell you how your Venus and Mars relate by sign. If you look up only one thing, find out where your Venus and Mars are in your charts, because these are the planets of love and sex, and they have a lot more to say about compatibility than the sun.