Baby Shower Favors


0:00 hi I'm Jody grundig from mom's favorite

0:02 stuff calm and today I'd like to talk

0:04 about baby shower favors when planning

0:07 baby shower favors you want to think

0:09 about the theme of the baby shower and

0:11 what sort of memento you want to send

0:13 the attendees homeless and so what I

0:15 recommend that you do is think about the

0:17 couple at the showers for as well as the

0:19 shower theme and the overall feel of the

0:22 shower and then come up with some ideas

0:23 from there one of the things I recommend

0:25 is to really think about what type of

0:28 thing you know you really want to send

0:30 your guests home with and so I actually

0:33 really like the idea of a donation that

0:37 can be to either a children's charity or

0:40 perhaps a local charity if you really

0:43 want to send your guests home with like

0:44 a nice thought and and if you wanted to

0:46 if you want to send them home with

0:48 something you could actually like print

0:50 up a little scroll or something to send

0:52 them home with that saying that their

0:53 money is going toward this donation but

0:57 if you want to give something tangible

0:58 then think about something that will

1:00 actually be really useful to the person

1:03 who's taking it home and so one thing

1:05 that I like that I've got it as a gift

1:07 is these bath balls and you can actually

1:10 take them and you know they throw them

1:12 right in the bath and they're useful

1:14 they smell really nice you can kind of

1:17 wrap them up if you want in a fabric you

1:19 can put a ribbon around them and you can

1:21 even maybe print out a piece of paper

1:22 that states the date of the shower and

1:25 attach it and so these you know you can

1:27 buy these just about anywhere at any

1:29 mall you can buy them at big-box stores

1:31 and you can buy them in the color of the

1:33 theme you can buy them in like you know

1:35 yellow colors and light baby colors or

1:38 you can buy them bright colors just

1:40 anything that sort of reminds your

1:42 guests about the event and something

1:44 that they can use another idea is just

1:47 to kind of go in in the trial size

1:49 section of your local store and any

1:52 store really that sells trial size

1:53 products and buy some things that are

1:56 really useful and so what I have here is

1:58 like a little a little spray and this is

2:02 actually a little lotion and what you

2:03 can do is print out little labels and

2:06 just replace the labels on these stating

2:09 the name of the shower you can put

2:10 little graphics on it if it's you know

2:13 like if the

2:13 a specific theme like a duck or or

2:16 Noah's Ark is another theme and you can

2:18 just kind of you know go to an office

2:20 supply store or buy some labels print

2:22 them up throw them on on these and make

2:25 a really nice useful gift another

2:27 suggestion is something that your guests

2:28 can actually take home and eat and so if

2:30 you're at all you know able to make

2:33 chocolate which is actually really

2:35 simple you can purchase these molds and

2:38 some chocolate and honestly you can

2:39 learn in probably an hour how to make

2:41 them but I really like the idea of these

2:43 little chocolate cups which you can fill

2:45 with stuff and throw in a little bag or

2:48 just a little simple candy and if you

2:51 can't make your own you could certainly

2:52 go out and buy something similar and and

2:54 give somebody a nice memento of the

2:57 event but also something that they'll be

2:59 able to take home and eat so I think

3:02 I've given you some suggestions from

3:04 donations to bath products trial size

3:08 products that can be labeled with custom

3:10 labels and candy that can be given to be

3:14 eaten all things that can be really

3:15 useful and really memorable baby shower

3:18 favors