How to Ask Your Girlfriend's Father for Her Hand in Marriage

Have you found the girl of your dreams? Ask your girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage by following these steps.

Be prepared. Think about what you'll say to your girlfriend's father before you arrange to talk with him.

Ask for a few minutes to speak to him in private or in the presence of your girlfriend. Unless distance prohibits a personal meeting, arrange to discuss the matter with him face to face.

Present yourself in a positive light to make a good impression, show your respect for him, and reflect on the seriousness of the issue.

Explain the depth of your feelings for his daughter and inform him that she is the most important person in the world to you.

Put yourself in his place. How would you feel about entrusting your little girl's heart to another man? Tell him about the plans you've made for a future with his daughter. Assure him that you will do everything you can to make her happy for the rest of your lives.

Assure him that you realize marriage is a serious issue with serious responsibilities, and that you have given serious consideration to the matter of marrying his daughter.

Respectfully ask for your girlfriend's hand in marriage.