How to Apply for Welfare in Alabama

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Losing a job or going through an economic downturn puts families in a difficult situation financially. Alabama has a welfare system in place to help families experiencing economic hardship. Families may apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Food Stamps or both. The Alabama Department of Health and Human Services processes all welfare applications and will inform the applicant of the status of an application once the proper paperwork has been processed.

Gather the following documentation: birth certificates, Social Security cards and any Alabama photo identification cards of all members of your family. Collect proof of residence such as a lease or mortgage paperwork. Also compile a list of monthly bills and provide copies of family members' paychecks or unemployment documentation. This proves your income and expenses to the welfare system.

Get a copy of the Alabama Department of Human Resources Application for Family Assistance by downloading it online from the Alabama Department of Human Resources website or by contacting the department and requesting a form in person or via mail.

Alabama Department of Human Resources

Family Assistance Division

50 North Ripley Street

Montgomery, Alabama 36130


Fill out the Alabama Department of Human Resources Application for Family Assistance form. Provide information on your family members such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, places of birth, parental details and whether they are dependents. Attach copies of the documentation that you collected and mail, fax or send the application in online. Alternatively, you can drop the form off in person.

Apply for Food Assistance by downloading the form from the Alabama Department of Human Resources website, picking up the form in person or requesting the form by mail. Food Assistance helps families in need when they do not have enough money to feed the family. You will need the same documentation that you used in the Family Assistance form to fill out the Food Assistance form.

Send the completed food assistance form to the Alabama Department of Human Resources by mail or fax, fill out the form online or drop it off. Request both forms at the same time so that you can fill them out together.