American Chain Restaurants in Israel

A number of American chain restaurants have locations in Israel. Many restaurants follow kosher dietary guidelines, such as no pork products and no cheese served with meat (for example, no bacon cheeseburgers or sausage pizzas). However, some restaurants--possibly recognizing the international population of cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem--do offer non-kosher options like cheeseburgers. Some serve both kosher and non-kosher items but from separate counters or booths. Many chain restaurants close on Shabbat, from Friday evening to Saturday morning.

McDonald’s Israel

McDonald’s Israel first open in 1993. The Illinois-based chain serves items similar to its American counterparts, such as a Mac Royal that is like a Big Mac. The Israel McDonald’s also sells Happy Meals for kids and offers a value menu. In Israel, McDonald’s barbecue their hamburgers over charcoal rather than fry them, according to its website.

Pizza Hut

Texas-based pizza chain Pizza Hut has several locations in Israel. In keeping with kosher standards, some Pizza Hut locations restaurants do not put meat products on pizza, such as sausage or bacon. Diners at Pizza Hut in Israel often choose vegetable-topped cheese pizzas and vegetarian pasta dishes.

Domino’s Pizza

Michigan-based pizza chain Domino’s Pizza opened its first location in Israel in 1990 and now has several locations in the country. Most Domino’s in Israel keep with kosher standards and serve mostly vegetarian and cheese pizzas.


American sandwich chain restaurant Subway has two locations in Israel, according to its website. In keeping with kosher standards, meats and cheeses are not served on the same sandwich. Ham and bacon are not on the menu, the cheese is soy and the seafood is imitation. Meats and fish are stored and cooked separately and are prepared on different cutting boards.

Ben and Jerry’s

Vermont-based ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s has a location in Israel. It also produces ice cream at a plant in the country, in part to keep with kosher standards. Ben and Jerry’s frozen products can also be found in Israeli markets.

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Dippin’ Dots

Kentucky-based Dippin’ Dots has locations in Israel. Dippin’ Dots in Israel carries flavors of the flash-frozen ice cream dots similar to those sold in the United States, and the company also includes dots made from yogurt and sorbet.