About the Use of Sulfur in Beauty Products

Sulfur is a naturally occurring element used in beauty products. It's a yellow, crystalline, non-metal solid that has been a tried and true ingredient in beauty care since ancient times. It is used in a variety of items, including skin care, hair products and cosmetics. It has medicinal properties as well, having been used to treat conditions such as acne.

Acne Care

Sulfur has been a key acne fighter for centuries. It has antibacterial properties, which can help to reduce the amount of blemishes by reducin the bacteria that causes them. Sulfur also dries the skin, and when placed on existing acne blemishes, it works to heal and dry them, clearing up skin (see Resources).

Dry Skin Solution

Sulfur is an ideal skin exfoliant. It removes dead surface skin cells, revealing fresher skin. Although it can be used to dry acne, it also has properties which combat skin dryness. Tom Cowan, M.D., suggests sulfur baths as a way to stimulate metabolism, which in turn combats dry skin. Cowan recommends the use of Sulfur 6X or Epsom Salts, as either a full-bath remedy or a spot treatment (see Resources).

Psoriasis Fighter

Psoriasis is a condition that brings about scaly patches on the skin, sometimes spanning large areas of the body. Moderate to severe psoriasis scales can be treated with sulfur, since it has dual properties as natural exfoliant and drying agent.


Dandruff is dry skin on the scalp. Sulfur has proven itself as a dry skin remedy, and is used in shampoos to fight dandruff. It fights current dandruff issues and prevents future outbreaks by controlling the yeast population that triggers dandruff (see Resources). Sulfur is not a recommended treatment for dandruff control for color-treated hair.

Black Hair Care

Black hair especially responds well to sulfur products. Sulfur8 in particular has been considered a remedy for dry hair; it also helps to restore sheen. Some of the Sulfur8 Products are targeted for hair styling for black hair, including braids.