Natural Way to Give Your Hair More Body

Thin hair, which is often difficult to style, can be the result of many things. Some people have naturally thin and flat hair, while others experience thinning hair due to age or illness. Women often encounter hair loss after giving birth due to all of the hormonal changes in the body. Whatever the reason for experiencing thin and lifeless hair, it is possible to naturally boost your hair’s body and volume.

Massage your hair with essential aromatherapy oils from a homeopathic or health store. In a study conducted by Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland, patients that massaged oils such as rosemary, lavender, cedarwood and thyme oils mixed with grapeseed oils experienced an increase in hair growth and volume after seven months.

Eat a diet rich in protein. Hair is made from protein, and a diet that contains a lot of dairy, poultry, beans and leafy vegetables will allow for maximum hair growth and body.

Part your wet hair on the opposite side that you normally do. After your hair has partially air dried, flip it back to its regular part. Your roots will have more lift and volume.

Use a hair setting lotion to add body. Mix 2 oz. of lemon juice with five drops of rosemary essential oil and comb the mixture into your hair before setting with hair rollers.

Use hair rollers and leave them in your hair for 30 minutes. Remove the rollers carefully to maintain bounce and body.

Blow dry your hair while your head is upside down. When you lift your head back up, your hair will have dried with extra body.

Get a haircut that adds more body and volume. Bangs can conceal thinning around the hairline, and getting your hair cut in layers will add thickness.