How to Clear Oily Skin

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Some people are naturally prone to having oily skin, and oil production is also affected by hormone fluctuations. Adolescents, pregnant women and women on birth control pills have an increased likelihood of developing oily skin. According to Medline Plus, a website produced by the National Institutes of Health, your diet does not have anything to do with whether or not you have oily skin. You can do several things at home to get rid of the oily shine on your face.

Wash your face in hot water. Hot water dries out the skin. Use plenty of soap while washing your face as well because this can help dissolve the oil. Choose a soap formulated for oily skin.

Use an astringent after you wash your face. Apply a thin layer of witch hazel or another type of astringent to remove the excess oil. If you don’t have an astringent product handy, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the surface of the skin.

Choose oil-free makeup products. Look at labels of makeup and facial products to make sure you are not adding extra oil to your face.

Place powder on the skin to absorb oil. Rub baby powder generously into your body, and apply face powder after you have finished applying your makeup.

Apply a facial mask once a week. Mud masks can help draw out the oils from your skin. Darker-colored mud masks may be better at treating oily skin. However, if you have sensitive skin and are prone to redness and irritation, then select a rose-colored mud mask.