Extremely Dry Skin on the Face

Mike Watson Images/moodboard/Getty Images

Dry skin can lead to a host of other ancillary problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, scaliness and rough patches. But with a solid cleansing routine and specific moisturizing products, you can combat dry skin year-round without crossing over into the oily category.

Be Gentle and Always Moisturize

Start by assessing your skin-care routine. Always use lukewarm water instead of hot water to soothe the skin and reduce stripping it of oils. Use a gentle, soapless cleanser, free from fragrance and other harsh additives. Try using a cream-based cleanser if possible, especially one with ceramides. Ceramides are fatty molecules already found within the skin's surface that help retain skin's natural moisture. Follow your cleansing routine with a lotion packed with sunscreen and hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, mineral oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid or stearic acid. In the evening, consider using a thin layer of petroleum jelly -- a humectant -- to seal in moisture and replenish the skin overnight. It's also a good idea to run a humidifer when possible to increase moisture in the air and deep within the skin.