Rasul Spa Treatment

Spa Mud for face and body treatment

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The Rasul spa treatment is an ancient Arabic bathing ritual that has become popular among spas. The treatment uses mineral-rich mud along with heat and steam. Some Rasul rooms are decorated in the Turkish Ottoman style to lend atmosphere and authenticity to the treatment. The cleansing ritual, or ceremony, is meant to be therapeutic in several ways. It targets all five senses; light and sound effects are used. People usually can take these treatments in groups of four.


The Rasul spa treatment is based on an ancient ritual used by sultans in their harems. Medicinal mud from the Greek Isle of Limnos originally was used. It was called "terra sealilata." This mud can no longer be used because its pH is too acidic. Today, the muds used in the ritual come from all over the world, according to “The Spa Book: Official Guide to Spa Therapy,” written by Jane Crebbin-Bailey.


Fine-grained and light-colored earth is used on sensitive skin areas, such as the face. Red earth that is fine-grained is used on the arms, stomach and chest. Gray, medium-grained mud is used on the arms, as well as the legs and back. The muds are used to cleanse, exfoliate, absorb toxins, increase circulation and soften skin, according to Crebbin-Bailey. During the treatment’s first stage, you take a shower and then apply different-colored muds to various areas of the body in a thin layer.

Herbs and Steam

In the next stage, you enter a chamber and relax in an herb-infused steam. Herbs, such as lemongrass and lavender, may be used, according to “Spa: The Official Guide to Spa Therapy at Levels 2 and 3,” written by Joan Scott and Andrea Harrison. The temperature in the chamber is kept warm, up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit. You stay in the chamber for 20 minutes and allow the mud to dry. As it dries, the mud is massaged on your body using a circular motion. This helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and to purportedly eliminate toxins.


After 20 minutes in the herbal steam, you will be sprayed with an automatic showering system. The treatment needs to remove as much mud as possible before you leave the chamber. You may take a second, optional shower.

After Care

After undergoing the treatment, you should rest for about 20 minutes. The best way to do this is by wearing a warm gown on a recliner, suggests Crebbin-Bailey. You need to use a good moisturizer and drink plenty of water.