60th Anniversary Cake Ideas

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The 60th anniversary, the year of the diamond, is one of life's most significant achievements. As the central focus to a party honoring the event, the cake should reflect the distinction of that long-term commitment of the.

Diamond Cakes

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A tradition dating back to Queen Victoria's anniversary, the diamond gift represents the couple's long lasting endurance and passion. Reinforce the theme by having a cake designed in the shape of a diamond. You can choose from different cuts of diamonds like princess, oval, marquis, emerald, or trillion. Cream, off white, or slightly gray tones can be added to the frosting. Serve on a sliver platter to resemble a ring. You can personalize this cake by replicating the engagement ring. Have either pictures or the ring when ordering a cake. You'll want to taste their different cakes and see a portfolio. Choose from a variety of cake types that can include red velvet, carrot cake, chocolate, cinnamon, and banana, to name a few.

Photos and Memories

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Numerous couples share favorite hobbies and interests, whether it's cruising down the Nile or dance classes. Design a cake that represents one of those memories. Bakers can either place figurines and decorations on top of cakes, or make all of the designs with icing. Another popular cake uses photographs. Bakeries are now able to imprint an edible black-and-white or color photo on cakes by scanning your picture onto icing paper made out of rice or potato. Wedding, family, current or vacation photos are popular choices.

Wedding Cake Replicas

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Create a replica of your wedding cake, perhaps on a smaller scale. Many couples don't get a chance to enjoy their cake in the middle of the wedding chaos. You'll be able to finally relax and have that slice of heaven you missed. Your 60th anniversary is a glorious occasion. With creative touches, you can design a cake that displays the love both of you still share.