48th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

mariage 48 image by thierry planche from Fotolia.com

The 48th anniversary may not be as well-celebrated as the 40th or especially the upcoming 50th. Still, if it is your anniversary or the anniversary of a loved one, it is a special day. There is nothing intrinsically less valuable about that anniversary than any other. Celebrate the day by creatively incorporating the anniversary gifts of bygone years.

40 Plus Eight

Celebrate your first 40 years, plus your latest 8 years. The gift of the 40th anniversary is ruby, while the 8th is bronze, pottery or linens. Bring those together and purchase a bronze ring or bracelet with a ruby or two set into the metal. Toast the occasion with a ruby red wine. Buy a bronzed or ceramic wine carafe. Fill it with a merlot or shiraz or other red wine. Purchase candleholders and rich red tapers. Buy red napkins and wrap them with bronze napkin rings. Enjoy the wine with a ceramic bowl of grapes or cheese slices.

12 Times Four

Mark the year by remembering the 12 years you have celebrated with one another, times 4. The 12th anniversary is traditionally the year of pearls, linen, silk or jade. Buy your loved one four jade bracelets, paper holders, statuettes or candleholders. Give her a necklace with four single pearls to represent each of your last 12 years together. Serve a special meal, with four main courses. Place a simple linen or silk napkin over each course and remove to surprise your loved one. You can also give him four new silk scarves or four new linen tablecloths, one for each 12 years and for each season.

45 Plus Three

Remember those 45 years of your marriage with the last 3. The traditional gift for 45 years is sapphire, while the 3rd was leather and crystal or glass. Incorporate these elements to create a unique 48th wedding gift. For instance, purchase a blue glass or crystal item, such as stemware or bowl. Pack a picnic basket with blue glass plates, glasses and blue or sapphire-colored utensils. Bring your loved one to a local lake or ocean beach and have a picnic on the sand, overlooking the crystal, blue water. Get your spouse a new watch with a crystal face or a sapphire laid into the side.

16 Times Three

Note each of your past three 16 years together. The gifts for 16 years are aquamarine or peridot and silver. Buy a silver bracelet or necklace pendant with three aquamarine or peridot stones pressed into the silver.