How to Fry Polenta

by Korin Dayton

Serve polenta with meat and vegetables to make a complete meal.

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Polenta is a hard mixture of cornmeal, butter, water and salt. Polenta alone should not be served because it does not provide a complete nutritional meal -- serve it with a side of meat and veggies. For this recipe, you can make your own firmed polenta or you can buy coarse-ground polenta in tubes at a local supermarket or grocery store. Usually, tubed polenta is found in the international aisles. Ask your grocery store's customer service representative where this item can be found if you cannot find it.

Pour flour into a dish.

Slice the polenta tube into pieces no thicker than 1/2 inch.

Heat the stove burner to medium-high.

Add enough oil to the dish to cover the width of polenta you cut.

Take polenta slices and cover them in flour. Transfer flour-covered polenta slices to the skillet.

Brown each slice on each side in oil. When working with multiple slices of polenta in the skillet, turn each of the slices over one after another in order to establish a consistency during the cooking process.

Remove the polenta slices from the skillet after each side has been browned and place them upon the paper towels over the plate. Do not stack the polenta on the paper towels. The paper towels help absorb the oil used during frying.

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