How to Use a Gas Grill for Smoking Pulled Pork

Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Authentic barbecued pulled pork is cooked for 10 to 12 hours in the low-temperature dry heat of a smoker. A fire at the base of the smoker burns specially treated wood, which flavors and cooks the meat simultaneously. Creating smoked pulled pork at home does not require a special smoker. The process can be accomplished with a gas grill, a pork butt and some wood chips.

Soak the wood chips in a bowl of water for four hours.

Ignite half of the burners on your gas grill, and let it preheat to 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a two-burner grill, start one side. If you have a four-burner grill, pick the two burners on the left or right side of the grill. If you have a three-burner gas grill, ignite two adjacent burners and leave the third unlit.

Add two to three handfuls of the wet wood chips to a foil pan, and set it on the hot side of the grill. Allow the fire to heat the wood and create a thick smoke.

Mix the sugar, pepper, cumin, salt, chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper and oregano in a small bowl until combined. Rub this seasoning mix on the pork shoulder so that it is well covered.

Set the pork shoulder on the cool grates, and cover the grill. Check periodically to maintain a heat of 300 degrees Fahrenheit or less, and to replenish the wood chips if they have burned off. If they have, add another two to three handfuls of wet wood chips to the pan.

Allow the pork to smoke for four hours or until it reaches and internal temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the pork from the grill and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes before shredding, and serve with your favorite barbecue sauce.