How to Grill Perch

by Jonathan Croswell

Five perch fish on the grill.

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Although native to Africa, perch is a common freshwater fish now found in lakes and rivers throughout North America. Perch are carnivorous and in the wild can grow to massive sizes of 300 lbs. and 6 feet in length. Perch sold in stores, though, tend to be much smaller -- about 6 to 14 lbs. Whether cutting it up for steaks or fillets, perch is great for cooking on a grill.

Heat up grill to medium heat.

Place perch onto the grill in the middle of the flames. If one or both side of the perch still has the scales on it, place the scale side down.

Cook for three to four minutes on one side, then flip over to other side.

Cook for three to four minutes or until the perch is cooked through to the middle, then remove from heat and turn off the grill.


  • Add seasonings as desired prior to placing the perch on the grill.

    Cook times may vary depending on the thickness of the meat. To ensure the meat is properly cooked, keep on the grill until the perch reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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