How Does the Natural Sculpting System Work?

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The Natural Sculpting System is a fat-reduction system that utilizes a combination of essential oils and herbs. Keep in mind that there is no scientific evidence that suggests topical oils or herbal supplements reduce the appearance of cellulite. None of the claims made by the manufacturers of the Natural Sculpting System have been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


The Natural Sculpting System works in two parts: you use a topical cream and, once a day, consume herbal capsules to reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite on the body. To apply the topical treatment, first take a hot shower. After the shower, rub the Natural Sculpting System lotion over your body in the area you wish to target. Place the treatment cloth on your skin after you have used the lotion. Hold it in place with an elastic band or plastic wrap. Leave the cloth on for a minimum of one hour. Repeat the process twice every four days.

Time Frame

Each treatment session takes 12 days to complete. Use the lotion and cloth on only one target area of the skin at a time. After the 12 days, refocus on another part of the body containing cellulite. The idea is that the ingredients dehydrate the skin to tighten its appearance. This theory has not been scientifically proven.


Ingredients in the skin cream include urea, alcohol, green tea extract, yarrow, aloe, citric acid, horse chestnut extract, meadowfoam sea oil, collagen and eucalyptus. In the herbal capsule, you’ll find meadowfoam sea oil, olive oil, soybean oil, pollen extract, rosemary, wheat germ oil and peppermint.


Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest while using the Natural Sculpting System. Before and after treatments drink at least 16 ounces of water. Aim for at least six to eight hours of shut eye each night. You are not provided with diet and exercise recommendations as part of the Natural Sculpting System., a website that ranks and reviews products that claim to reduce cellulite, states that the Natural Sculpting System does not include ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce cellulite and there are no peer-reviewed studies backing the claims or that can prove the system's effectiveness.