Shrimp Avocado Roll Calories

by Carolyn Robbins

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A Japanese chef may spend seven years in training to master the art of sushi making, but you will enjoy the delicacy immediately. Elegantly displayed rolls of rice, vegetables, seafood or meat wrapped in seaweed are known as nigiri sushi. While a shrimp and avocado roll can be a very healthy choice, calories add up quickly when you fry the ingredients.

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A roll made with only the healthiest ingredients -- seaweed wrapping, brown rice, avocado, boiled shrimp and no sauces -- has around 250 calories. If you choose fried shrimp, or tempura, instead, your calorie count increases to 300. If you opt for white rice and add extras such as cream cheese and spicy mayonnaise sauce, your roll could have well over 400 calories and upwards of 20 grams of fat. Exact calorie counts will vary from restaurant to restaurant, depending on the size of the roll and on how it is prepared.

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