How Many Calories Do Taco Bell Flour Tortillas Have?

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In a fast-food nation filled with burgers, fries and shakes, Taco Bell’s Mexican fare almost seems like health food. You can buy Taco Bell flour tortillas at most grocers for DIY tacos, burritos, empanadas or whatever other south-of-the-border treat you care to create.


Taco Bell flour tortillas have a recommended serving size of two small tortillas, though you can certainly limit yourself to one. Each tortilla has 100 calories and 2.5 g of fat. It has no cholesterol, 190 mg of sodium and 17 g of carbohydrates.

Other Nutrition

Each tortilla provides 2 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin A, 3 percent of calcium and over 7 percent of iron.

Other Ingredients

A single flour tortilla alone does not inflict too much caloric damage, though a pair of them starts to add up given there is minimal nutrition in those 200 calories. Once you add fixings, such as beans, beef, chicken or sour cream and cheese, your fat and calories start to climb. Extras like salsa, tomato, lettuce and onion add nutrition but few calories.


Taco Bell’s Fresco Bean Burrito has beans, salsa and onions wrapped in a tortilla that provides close to half a pound of food for about 340 calories.