Calories in Dried Beans

close-up red kidney bean in wood spoon

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Most common way to cook dried beans is to soak them and then boil them till they are tender. This way of cooking beans adds no additional calories. Dried beans, however, can also be sprouted and eaten raw. The most common way to eat dried beans is to bake them in a sauce.

Boiled Dried Beans

The number of calories in dried beans varies from bean to bean. At 100 g, or a little more than a half a cup, dried beans when cooked contain these calories: black beans 132, pinto beans 143, adzuki beans 128, great northern beans 118, chickpeas -- garbanzo beans 164.

Sprouted Dried Beans

Dried beans can also be sprouted. When sprouted and eaten raw they contain the following calories per 100 g: kidney beans 29, navy beans 67, pinto beans 62, mung beans 30.

Baked Beans

Most of the calories in dried bean dishes come not from the beans but from the sauce the beans are cooked in. The 100 g of canned baked beans contains about 94 calories. Add pork to your baked beans, and you will add an additional 12 calories per 100 g. Add franks, and you will add an additional 50 calories. If you like your beans with bacon, each slice of bacon will add 42 calories.