Rough Dry Hands

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Rough and dry hands can be painful, unsightly and make hand holding difficult. Everything from wind, sun, indoor heat and manual labor can dry out the hands. Thankfully, you can enjoy life and have soft hands. All you need is a little moisturizer, a good diet, plenty of water and soft gloves to sleep in.

Naturally Soft

For a natural approach, try a few drops of coconut or olive oil or a dab of shea butter. To make shea butter more spreadable, heat it up in a small pan or in a cup for a few seconds in the microwave. Make sure it is cool before you place it on your skin. For ultimate spreadable softness, mix a little coconut or olive oil with melted shea butter and store in a jar. Apply every morning and evening.

Store-Bought Works, Too

If you use store-bought lotion, opt for one that includes your favorite natural products, such as coconut or olive oil or shea butter. If you work with your hands, choose one that is labeled "non-greasy." For best results, carry a small tube with you and apply several times a day.

Softness Inside and Out

Protect your hands from the elements that rough them up. Wear gloves when you engage in activities that cause calluses, such as gardening. Apply moisturizer after washing your hands or the dishes. What you put inside your body matters, too; consuming enough fiber and water keeps your skin moister. At bedtime, coat your hands with moisturizer and wear soft cotton gloves overnight. By morning, your hands will be noticeably softer.