The Daniel Fast Tips

by Casey Holley ; Updated July 18, 2017

The Book of Daniel says Daniel and three of his friends went on a fast of vegetables and water for 10 days when they refused to eat the food from the king's table because the food may have been defiled. This is used as the basis of a fast called the Daniel Fast, which is meant to strengthen the relationship with God and cleanse the body.

Limit Television and Media

Father's House recommends abstaining from or limiting electronic entertainment, such as television and movies, during the Daniel Fast. This allows you to focus fully on the fast and to draw closer to God. The time you usually spend watching television, using the Internet or watching movies can be used to meditate, pray and read the Bible.

Prepare for Side Effects

You are likely to experience some withdrawal symptoms in the early days of the fast while your body adjusts to living without sugar, caffeine and other items not included in the fast. When withdrawal symptoms occur, study your Bible and pray.

Read Food Labels

Since additives, sugar, salt and many other items are forbidden during the Daniel Fast, you must read all food labels to ensure you aren't getting any of these items through packaged foods. For example, canned fruits usually contain added sugar and canned vegetables usually contain added salt.

Plan Ahead

Because of the limited convenience-food options that will meet the standards of the Daniel Fast, you will likely have to prepare all your meals and snacks from scratch. If you have time to prepare for your Daniel Fast, you can cook meals, such as vegetable soup, and freeze them so you have quick meals available for times when you are hurried during your fast.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water will help to flush impurities out of your body and will help you to stay hydrated during your Daniel Fast. Put a jug of water in the refrigerator and sip out of it all day long until you drink at least 64 oz. of water.

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