The Best Products for Waxing

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Waxing is an effective at-home way to remove unwanted body hair, particularly on your face and bikini areas. Both “More” and “Allure” magazines note that waxing will allow you to remain hair-free for a longer amount of time than other hair removal methods, and that it will also help your hair to grow in sparser and less coarse. These beauty magazines discuss and recommend the best products for waxing at home.

Parissa Body Sugar Roll-On

While waxing is an effective hair removal method, it can also be painful for some people. To rid yourself of unwanted hair on sensitive areas like your face, “More” suggests using a sugar wax like Parissa Body Sugar Roll-On. The magazine notes that removing hair with this product tends to be less painful than using regular hot wax, and that it will still help you remain hair-free for up to a month. This product contains ingredients like sucrose, citric acid and essential oils to give you a natural hair removal option. It promises to both go on and wash off easily, and the company notes that the roll-on applicator allows for easier placement of the wax. It claims to leave your skin feeling silky and free of unwanted hair.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Brazilian Bikini Waxing & Shaping Kit

Whether it is bathing suit season or you just want to achieve a hair-free bikini line, “Allure” states that waxing is your best option for removing hair from this area. The magazine recommends Sally Hansen Extra Strength Brazilian Bikini Waxing & Shaping Kit, which promises to get rid of difficult or coarse hair. The kit contains all the supplies you will need to remove your hair quickly and effectively, and the company claims that your skin will remain free of hair for up to eight weeks and that it will also grow in sparser. The wax contains a blend of botanical ingredients like black walnut, cherry bark and chamomile, which work to soften your hair and calm your skin. It also comes with an azulene finishing oil to help soothe any redness and irritation.

Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips

For less sensitive areas of your face and body, “More” recommends using Veet Salon Line Ready to Use wax strips for Face and Bikini. The company states that these strips work well on sections of your body that are smaller or difficult to reach, and that they can also be used for touch-ups and minor hair removal. The wax promises to go on smoothly and remove excess hair, and the product includes finishing wipes to get rid of any wax that may remain on your skin. These wax strips claim that you can use them on hair that is as short as two millimeters, freeing you from having to wait for your hair to grow out longer before you can remove it. It also comes in a sensitive formula that contains vitamin E and almond oil to help calm your skin and prevent irritation.