Can You Rebuild Skin With Zinc Lotion?

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Zinc is a mineral that supports the proper functioning of the immune system and is a crucial element for healthy growth, as well as physical and mental development. Because zinc is used to generate cells, it is especially useful in rebuilding the skin after wounds, acne or other damage caused by environmental influences. Skin creams can be applied topically to support skin healing, and zinc supplements can be taken to aid in skin healing and immune strength. the body requires zinc for the synthesis of collagen, which is a requirement for the healing of skin wounds, according to

Cleanse the skin thoroughly with a pH balanced cleanser that utilizes botanics such as chamomile, aloe vera, almond oil or tea tree. These natural ingredients cleanse the skin while maintaining proper balance and hydration, without overdrying. Rinse off the cleanser with lukewarm water, then pat the skin dry with a clean face towel.

Apply a toning agent of witch hazel or rose water to sooth the skin. These natural therapies have anti-inflammatory properties to help the skin absorb the zinc treatment optimally and rebuild the skins healthy structure.

Apply a lotion treatment that has zinc, tea tree oil, sulfur and/or aloe vera. These ingredients combined with zinc will support clearing and rebuilding the skin, by taming oil production and reducing the formation of acne lesions while helping current blemished already on your skin to dry up sooner.

Use a tinted moisturizing zinc cream on specific areas of the skin that have open sores or damage. This will aid in healing the damaged skin while covering the redness or discoloration of damaged skin. The zinc in this cream can support the healing process while covering embarrassing skin spots or wounds. Zinc will protect and support rebuilding the skin cells and encourage cell turnover and rejuvenation superficially.