How to Use Almond Oil As a Leave-in Conditioner

Almond oil

YelenaYemchuk/iStock/Getty Images

When your hair begins to crack under the strain of dry weather, chemical treatments or hot tools, your regular leave-in conditioner may not make the cut. Dehydrated hair requires nourishment that will deeply penetrate the follicle, and almond oil fits the bill. The fragrant oil hydrates the cuticle to banish split ends, add shine and soften hair. It's lightweight and won't weigh hair down, and is free of counterproductive drying chemicals. Add almond oil to your post-hair wash routine for noticeably healthier hair.

Wash and gently towel-dry the ends of your hair. Use a microfiber towel to squeeze out excess moisture.

Comb your hair from root to tip using a wide-toothed comb.

Pour a dime-sized-amount of unrefined almond oil onto your fingertips. Rub them against the fingertips of your opposite hand to warm up the oil.

Smooth the oil through the ends of your hair, concentrating on the bottom 2 inches.

Insert the wide-toothed-comb about 3 inches from the roots and comb your hair to the ends. Repeat until you have combed all sides of your hair to distribute the product, without applying it to the roots.

Allow your hair to air dry or heat style it as usual. Avoid putting your hair into an updo until it is completely dry to prevent breakage.