The Best Shampoos for Blondes

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What to Look For

There are countless shampoos for blondes on the market today--some for natural blondes, others for color-treated blondes--and some that may give results to both. Neutralizing purple shampoo is one product that can be used by all types of blondes to tone down brassiness. A fading color job and environmental pollutants can dull blonde hair and give it a harsh yellow hue. A purple shampoo will actually leave behind a bit of purple pigment on the hair to counteract the yellow, brassy blonde.

Another option is a blonde color depositing shampoo. Most major brands now offer a line of color depositing shampoos, and those formulated for blondes can accentuate subtle tones and add a bit of highlighting to the hair. Still other shampoos are formulated for color-treated blondes to counteract damage from the color process itself, and do not alter the color of the hair in any way.

Common Pitfalls

While using a neutralizing shampoo after coloring is generally effective in reducing brassiness, the results from using a color depositing shampoo can be so subtle they may not seem worth it for everyone. Your own results with color-depositing shampoo will be determined by how compatible your hair color is with the tone you chose to shampoo with. Other shampoos that are formulated for color-treated blondes may promise to provide specialized moisture to counteract harsh bleaching processes, but in fact, may be no more effective than any other moisture-rich shampoo.

Where to Buy

Shampoos that are specially formulated for color treated and natural blondes are available in grocery stores, drugstores, beauty supply stores and in salons. If your area does not carry these products, you can find a wide variety to choose from online.


Shampoos for blondes vary considerably in price. An 8 oz. bottle found in the drugstore may only cost $3, but a high-end brand may run $30 or more for the same size bottle.