How to Dry Brush Your Face

by Katina Coleman ; Updated July 18, 2017

Dry brushing your face offers you a low-cost and chemical-free way to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is a key component of facial beauty treatments, since it removes dead skin cells, facilitating the growth of new cells, preventing blackheads and giving you softer and more glowing skin. As with any exfoliation technique, you need to be very gentle to avoid skin damage.

Prepare your face for dry brushing by washing it with a facial cleanser.

Rinse and allow your face to dry completely.

Begin brushing your face gently with a facial brush starting at your neck and working your way up to your forehead. Use upward motions on your neck, chin and forehead. Use counter-clockwise circular motions on your cheeks and nose.

Apply a facial moisturizer to your neck and face.


  • Beautiful On Raw recommends that you initially start dry brushing your face for no longer than 30 seconds. You can increase your dry brushing time up to three minutes gradually by increments of 30 seconds.

    You can dry brush your face daily.

    Only use a brush specially designed for facial skin; body brushes are too harsh for use on the face.

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